Sunday, June 6, 2010

Long Beachin' It

After two long flights yesterday, I arrived at LAX where Mark picked me up.  The immediate presence of palm trees along the drive back to their condo filled me with happiness! 

I have to say, I enjoy traveling.  Not just visiting, but traveling.  I met two lovely older ladies on the flight from Detroit to L.A.  I had the unfortunate assignment of seat 15B, right in the middle.  Luckily, they were friendly and we chatted for most of the trip.  It could have been much worse if my seat-mates were less friendly.

I love Meghan and Mark's condo!  It's located in a building of condos with a center courtyard with colorful flowering plants.  It's just beautiful. 

Mark just left for work.  Meghan has the day off.  We're headed to Huntington Beach or Newport.  Don't know where exactly, but I'm going to love every minute.

I'll write more about my little va-ca later!  Have a great day!

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