Thursday, June 3, 2010

Family Party: Sunshine, Cake, and Little Kids

Memorial Day weekend was very busy and one highlight was the Sunday party my sister-in-law Lynn and her husband Rod had for their newest grandson, Carriag, and his parents Rod and Emily.  Carriag is two months old and was born in Chicago.  They were barely home from the hospital when they packed up everything and moved to their new home in Ohio, one that Rod bought on his own (Emily had only seen photos!).  Em was happy though, and praised Rod's house-shopping skills! 

The party was planned for a while.  My contribution was the cake.  Rod is a devoted Mets fan.  Grandma Lynn asked if I could make a cake to welcome the baby, something with Mets colors and images of baby feet.  I went one better.  I looked up the Mets insignia on-line and pretty much duplicated it in frosting, using Carriag's name where "Mets" would normally go.  I actually loved this cake when it was done, and it was not a sure thing, at all.  I had reservations about using navy blue and orange, didn't think it would feel like a baby cake.  I was wrong.  It worked out well.

The party to welcome Carriag was filled with happiness.  There was a lot of great food, many friends and relatives, and lots of little kids (Henry, above, rockin' the kiddie pool). Our Eddy matriarch, Mary Lou, was there overseeing all that started with her family of seven boys.  It's now grown to a huge generational gathering of five of her seven sons (sadly, she lost two), their children, and their children's children. I once said to her, "See what you started?!" and she responded, with a smile, saying something about what she had "wrought."  She's a smart woman (her high school class's Valedictorian), in her 80s, and has had more than her share of sad times, but you  never see that.  You see a woman who looks out over her small dynasty with a knowing and satisfied smile, aware enough of what her children and grandchildren are up to, and wondering how in the world to keep track of so many great-grandchildren (numbers 16 and 17 due soon -- including Henry's little brother in October).  Eventhough her son and I were divorced years ago, she is precious to me, and I am grateful she has continued to keep room for me in her life. 

Sunday was a beautiful day for a party.  The sun was shining.  The kids really enjoyed each other, especially time spent in the pool.  Dads had a great time, too (Bill with Henry, left). It was one of 'those' days that stays with you, long after it's over.  Days later, I find myself returning to the conversations, the food, and the activity of that day.  Just loved it.

Photos:  Me

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