Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Graduation Cake!

It's that time of year when requests come in from family and friends for graduation cakes.  I finished two last night, or I should say, early this morning, around 2 a.m.! One was a larger sheet cake, black and white marble (white vanilla cake with a very dark chocolate ribbon running through it) and the other a moist, dark chocolate cake, both frosted in buttercream.  I had hoped to make frosting roses, but the evening's torrential rain and thunder storms brought with them a big wallop of humidity.  Bakers' saboteur that it is, the unwelcome humidity derailed plans for frosting roses (they wilt almost immediately).  So I had to settle for piped rosettes which were very pretty and not a bad second choice.  Both cakes were decorated similarly, with a border garden of blue and white swirled rosettes, sage-y green leaves, tiny white flowers, white "berries," and each finished off with a mortar board made of fondant (I do tend toward borderline overdecorating!) .

It's always challenging to have a successful baking outcome during the summer months when temperatures and humidity rise.  I once baked a wedding cake for a family friend.  It was an August wedding and when I arrived at the venue (not air-conditioned) I had to assemble the cake inside the large walk-in refrigerator! Baking cakes for someone's very special occasion is such a loaded proposition.  There is so much hinging on the cake as THE symbol of the day, and there is my own self-imposed pressure for it to be perfect.  While my cakes cannot possibly achieve perfection, what they do well is convey love, happiness, and joyful celebration.  And that's what it is all about.  Whether you are baking a few cupcakes for your little one's birthday, or attempting a grand cake for a huge party, as long as you enjoy the process and bake with your heart, it will be perfect!

Photo: it's mine

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