Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Beautiful Day, A Gorgeous Sunset

As I was driving westward home this evening, the sun was setting.  It was one of those giant, blazing orange sunsets, and I caught it just as the sun was settling over hills in the distance. 

Today was a happy day.  I work at a college and we celebrated our graduates at a colleague's home.  We were blessed with a beautiful day, unlike other years when a deluge of rain sent the crowd packing indoors. 

I became aware, as I was talking with a student I don't know well, that it's too late.  I am just getting to know him and I just now realize how smart and interesting all these graduates are, and just as we become better acquainted, they're leaving!  I lamented that I don't work with these interesting people as they enter college; rather, I work with them as they devise and write their final projects.  I get to know them well during their last four months of college.  It's not enough time.

So I drove home thinking of tidbits of conversation, promises to keep in touch, and visions of all their beautiful faces in my mind.  We have candid shots and a group photo to remember them by, which will join group photos of previous graduating classes that hang  in my office.  Every now and then I just have to stop, look at a face, and try to remember how much I enjoyed that student.

I was waxing nostalgic on the way home, and when I stopped at Stewart's for gas, I came upon a parked truck.  It was in beautiful condition, a vintage-era Ford fuel truck.  It was magnificent.  I took a picture so you can see it too. 

I hope you all had a lovely day.

Photos by  me.

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  1. Great fuel truck, it would look good in my garage. Can anyone tell me if it is for sale?