Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day and Hooray for Summer!

This summer is one very welcome season.  I hear people say that this past winter wasn't "that bad."  Well, if you drive a little Mazda with "specialty" tires and can't make it up an almost 1/8 mile driveway, I beg to differ.  Or, is it that I'm getting older and sprouting some snow-bird like feathers?  That may be.  Either way, bring on the longest days of the year, soaring temperatures, and cool, aquatic refreshment!  I love a beach, a pool, a kiddie pool, even a sprinkler!  I love it all!  I love the familiar scent of Coppertone, an icy slice of watermelon, driving with my sun roof open.  Summer is, simply, the best!

Memorial Day officially launches the summer season in this part of the world.  The calendar may want to wait a few weeks for that summer solstice business, but once Memorial Day hits, to me, it is summer.  Flowers are everywhere, in window boxes, hanging planters, and crocks.  Freshly-mowed lawns provide a scent that even Chanel No. 5 can't compete with.  Baseball games, from Little League to the big leauges, get people outside and rooting for the favorite team.  At day's end, a big orange setting sun reminds me of the old adage "Red sky at night, sailors delight; red sky at morning, sailors take warning."  (My mother used to say that!)

When winter takes up a good half of the year, summer is relished.  You notice the aroma of barbequed meat.  Even vegetarians probably can't help but primally notice the irresistible lure of seared beef!  (Sorry to offend, my vegan friends).  The crisp sound of an ear of corn being shucked, and later how delicious it is with butter and a little salt, is almost too much to anticipate!  It cannot be replicated through the rest of the year.  Corn has to be eaten fresh to be fully appreciated.  I love the bread and butter variety, with a mix of white and yellow kernels. 

One aspect of summer that I am not too thrilled with is the number of bug bites I have already fallen victim to.  Those no-see-ums have got me good, and my wrists and ankles have taken the brunt of it. If you see me, do not be alarmed.  Yes, they are bites.  No, it is not a pox-upon-me, though it feels like it at night when, in retrospect, I'd be better off wearing socks on my hands to keep from scratching!  If you see me in long sleeves, you'll know why.

I'm hoping to post a number of favorite summer recipes soon, and I'd like to ask you to send me your favorite.  What is it you just want to see on a picnic table in the summer?  What favorite memory do you have of summer time and the food that goes with it?  Let me know, and I'll showcase that recipe for you.  In the meantime, enjoy your weekend. 

And let's take time to remember that Memorial Day is not  just the official start of summer; it is, more importantly, the day to honor Veterans who have served to protect our freedoms.  Among them, I honor my father, Alfred J. (Val) O'Farrell, U.S. Army, who, along with my Uncles Bud McGeehan and Eddie Cella and countless others, served in World War II.  May they rest in honored peace.

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