Monday, May 10, 2010

Bullseye, Food on My Shirt!

I scraped frost off my windshield this morning at 7 a.m..  There was a hard frost last night and we're a little worried about the newly-planted fruit trees in the yard.  I'm glad that Katie hasn't yet transplanted her seedlings into the garden.  My son Joe says this is all due to global warming,  I don't know about that, but I do know that it's pretty darn cold for May, even for upstate New York!

Katie has a nice fire started in her wood stove, which is a good thing because the warmer April days meant our heating days were over until late fall.  The warm air from the wood stove doesn't quite make its way to my section of the house, so I am grateful for the down cover I hadn't yet put away. 

This morning's frigid start gave way to a chilly but sunny afternoon.  My  friend and fellow-blogger Anne and I had lunch at Fifty South on Route 50, leading into Ballston Spa.  I had suggested a bagel lunch in downtown Saratoga, but Anne said she was craving a really good burger.  I'd never been to Fifty South (formerly Leo's Diner) so we jumped in my little Mazda and headed, where else, south!  It was a working lunch as we have exciting plans in the works for our blogging lives, a collaboration of sorts.  (Details will be announced once plans are settled.)  Anne is a frequent diner at Fifty South, had been there the day before for brunch, and raved about the fare. She said they took all the standard brunch favorites and enhanced them with extra-special ingredients. My morning weight resistance sessions leave me craving protein, so I eagerly ordered one of the best burgers I've ever had, with sweet potato fries on the side.  It seemed a bit indulgent but I must admit, it was very, very good.  I loved it, but it was kind of messy, with lettuce and tomato and ketchup all sliding around in the roll.  I cut it in half to manage it better, but it got me.  I looked down and saw a blob of ketchup on my white shirt, dead center.

I love ketchup.  Russ says it's a food group for me, that it is my vegetable.  That's an extreme exaggeration, of course.  I do appreciate ketchup on some things, especially burgers or fries, or a meatloaf sandwich on toast, and some types of eggs.  There are, of course, many foods I won't put ketchup on, but when the match is right, it can't be beat.  It is not without cost, however.  I seem to be the person who always has food on her shirt.  No matter what I'm eating, a little bit seems to drop and land just where I don't want it to.  It's almost a joke with my family and friends.  They just wait for the inevitable moment, and then give me that knowing (obnoxious) look.  Salad dressing and ketchup always seem to find their mark.  Most of my white t-shirts are ruined because of it.  I used to carry a Tide stick with me wherever I went,  a diner's epi-pen for a clothing emergency.  I finally gave up and now just deal with the laundry.  I wear pretty scarves a lot, as accessories, and today I told Anne that my scarves serve two purposes -- they do double duty as pretty bibs, catching whatever descends toward my shirt.  The more colorful the scarf, the less anyone will realize the truth!

If anyone is thinking of the perfect gift for someone like me, it's a beautiful (and washable) scarf!

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