Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Needing a Pina Colada!

Today I am craving an escape from my own reality.  Adirondack Baker is not always in a cheery mood.  While there are many good things to celebrate in my life, at times I tend to focus on those things that drive me insane.  I'm doing that today, and have to purposefully distract myself from persistent annoyances I seem to have no control over. On my Facebook page, I wrote something about needing a break -- nothing that a seaside and a pina colada wouldn't cure!  Actually, the seaside on its own would take care of what ails me, and while I do have a number of less-than-desireable habits, escape drinking isn't one of them (though I have been known to lose myself in a bowl of home-made chocolate pudding).  Still, the pina colada is calling my name, and once I AM seaside (not until August) I will consciously appreciate the restorative powers of both the sea and a good tropical concoction.  The pretty picture here is of artwork by artist Lisa Audit, which actually depicts the famous drink and the recipe!  I'm going to order a print of this because it is pretty, and delicious! 

Pina Colada

2 oz. light rum
3 oz. coconut milk
3 oz. pineapple juice
crushed ice

In a shaker, add the rum, coconut milk, pineapple juice, and crushed ice.  Shake well.  ENJOY!

Photo/artwork credit: http://artfiles.art.com/5/p/LRG/12/1291/YJ1O000Z/lisa-audit-pina-colada.jpg


  1. Wow - this was perfect timing for me in my post-Hawaiian world! Thanks Jeanne!!

  2. Wait for me! I'll join you and raise a glass to tropical paradise! Hope you had a wonderful, relaxing, refreshing time. It's such a gift to experience all the different aspects of Hawaii, isn't it? My friend Val lives there half the year, lucky, lucky girl!