Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hannah's First Communion

Yesterday I made a First Communion cake for my great-neice, Hannah.  Hannah is the daughter of my neice Sarah and her husband Bob, and she is the spitting image of her mom as a little girl.  She was beautiful in a gorgeous white dress, and on her head she wore a headband of white rosettes, made by her Grandma, my sister-in-law Lynn.  There was a small party at their home after the ceremony.  The afternoon was cool but sunny, and little cousins ran and played in the back yard.  Sarah and Bob served Giffy's barbequed chicken and pulled pork, potato salad (Lynn's, and it was delicous!) and a crisp tossed salad.  When it came time to serve the cake, Hannah's little sister Katie was very excited.  She actually moved "cake time" up a bit!  After cake, Hannah opened her gifts.  She received lovely, appropriate gifts for such an occasion -- a children's Bible and a volume of Bible stories, a beautiful picture frame to hold memories of the day, earrings for her soon-to-be pierced ears, pearls from her grandmothers to add to her collection, an Irish music box, a pretty pendant, and from me -- a cupcake making kit! (not exactly spiritual but it was from the heart and something I know she will enjoy).

The weekend was off to a festive start, too, with a reception my friends Catherine and Michael hosted in honor of my recently-awarded masters degree.  I was humbled by the party, and tried to thank everyone but got a little emotional! This is a weekend of family, friends, celebration for milestones, and gratitude for all of it.  Henry, especially enjoyed the reception.  Catherine and Michael have two cats, and Henry tried tirelessly to make friends with Rose and Lee.  After a few attempts, they ran and hid!

God Bless Hannah, and here's to meaningful time together with people we love.

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