Sunday, May 2, 2010

Creamsicle Pie

This past weekend's gloriously warm weather made me think of refreshing desserts to help cool us off on hot summer days.  As a kid, I loved Creamsicles.  They weren't the orange coated, vanilla centered frozen concoctions you find now.  Back then, the orange and vanilla were swirled together, and they were delightful.  I also remember raspberry Creamsicles, though orange were, by far, the most popular.  And in case I am the only person who remembers banana Fudgesicles -- they were incredible.  I ask people all the time if they remember them.  No one does.  Am I nuts?  Maybe.

Making a Creamsicle pie is easy as, well, pie.  You simple blend barely-softened vanilla ice cream with orange juice concentrate.  Pile it all in to a ready-made crust (graham or your own pie dough pie crust) and freeze a few hours until firm enough to slice.  Garnish with whipped cream and some orange slices, and be transported back to the taste you loved as a kid.



1 quart good-quality vanilla ice cream, softened but just barely (Philly Vanilla if you're near a Stewart's)
6 ounces frozen orange juice concentrate, melted

1 ready-made pie crust (graham cracker or your own).  Freeze for 10 minutes while you prepare filling, so it's cold when you're ready to fill it.

Whipped Cream

Orange slices


In large mixer bowl, blend softened vanilla ice cream and melted orange juice concentrate.  Mix until blended well but not melted.  Pile into cold pie crust and swirl to make a pretty design.  Place in freezer and let freeze until firm enough to slice, at least a few hours (4-5). 

When ready to serve, remove from freezer.  Let stand for about five minutes.  Slice and garnish with whipped cream and some fresh slices of orange.

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