Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One Year Later

Adirondack Baker was born one year ago today.  With that first blog, I had a vision of what this blog would be.  While it has not been, so far, what I expected -- a repository for other peoples' recipes and stories -- it is a place that people like to visit.  What I want you to find here is a sense of home, where you'll read something that will spark a nostalgic memory, or where you find inspiration to make something you haven't tried before.

The initial vision of writing about recipes and stories hasn't veered too far from its origin.  Until those start pouring in from readers with more consistency, I will continute to find inspiration in my own memories and experiences, from as long ago as childhood and as recent as yesterday's dinner.  When it comes to food, there is always something to talk about, and it is usually not about the food specifically,  but also about the experience of sharing that food with people we love, the details of the setting, and the memory that shared experience evokes.  Whether it's a meal in a downtown restaurant or something whipped up at home, it's not the meal itself so much that I remember; it's the time with friends and family that resonates, long after.

Thank you for being part of Adirondack Baker.  On year later -- How sweet it is!

One year ago today:

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