Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Beautiful Lilacs and a Special Nephew

My friend Linda greeted me with such cheer first thing this morning as we were walking in to work, her arms laden with freshly cut branches of lilacs from her yard.  The gorgeous light-purple blooms graced my desk all day.  Students and faculty came by and were attracted to the beautiful bunch, their noses immediately drawn to the blossoms, breathing in the luscious scent with slow deliberation.  I'm usually sensitive and have a negative reaction to such things as overpowering perfumes and colognes, but the natural essence of lilac blossoms only made me feel better all day long. 

It seems that we have an early bounty of lilacs in bloom this spring.  I ususally notice them closer to the middle of the month, but every year is different.  I remember picking a bunch and presenting them to my sister Patsy when her son Adam was born, May 20, 1978.  I'd been at a soft-ball game that afternoon and there were lilac bushes in bloom all around the field.  Once I heard she was in labor, I rushed to the hospital.  I waited in excited anticipation while Patsy was in delivery, with lilacs to celebrate the birth of her third child, her third son.  Every time I think of the day Adam was born, I think of lilacs (as well as the fact that he had the longest, darkest eyelashes of any baby I'd ever seen!).  In fact, every time I see or smell lilacs, I think of Adam.  It's a happy memory. 

Photo image: http://whatdoiknow.typepad.com/photos/flowers/lilacs.jpg

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