Friday, March 19, 2010

Birthdays and A little Red Lobstah Last Night

My six siblings and I enjoyed another one of our birthday dinners last night.  We were celebrating two birthdays, Steven's and mine.  We were born one year, one week, and one day apart from each other in 1953 and 1954, missing the "Irish twins" designation by eight days! (My mother Virginia and her sister Jeanne were Irish twins, born 11 months apart.) 

I've written about this before -- we do this birthday "thing" for each other, and it is carried on from when our mother was with us.  She loved nothing more than having dinner out and since she's been gone, we continue as much for her memory as for the time we get to enjoy with one  another. 

We usually choose a casual restaurant environment where we can sit long and linger, and last night we went to Red Lobster in Queensbury, New York.  It's an old favorite of ours.  We love the comfortable if not kitschy seaside decor.  The food is good (especially the wood-fired selections) and the service is always terrific.  Our server Kevin handled our large group with humor and efficiency. 

When I tell people that my siblings celebrate each others' birthdays this way, the response is usually, "That's so nice that you do that."  We're fortunate, now, that all seven siblings can participate.  My youngest brother Danny and his wife Suzette relocated here from the San Francisco area recently, and now our get-togethers are complete.  I sat last night and took it all in, appreciating that we have the opportunity to spend this special time with each other.  Staying connected into mid- (and post-mid-) life isn't always easy.  Inevitably, there are times with the waters are a little rough and we don't always think the same way on things, but what I appreciate about our family is that we get through them, we don't let any "thing" take precedence over our relationships with each other.  If someone is facing a challenge, we rally together.  Maybe its from all those years moving around as kids.  We were always a unit.  And we always will be.  My brothers and sisters are the best (and the KitchenAid Artisan Mixer they presented me with ROCKS!)...

XOXOX to all of you!

Photo: by Kevin the Server
L-R:  The O'Farrells: Jeannie (ADK Baker), Anne, Patsy, Danny, Michael, Steven, Ginny

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