Friday, March 5, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things. Part 1: Parchment Paper


Part 1

This post starts a random series of declarations of love for objects.  Kitchen items.  There are some that I am so taken with, I find it necessary to write about these culinary obsessions. 

On this Saturday, I am writing about parchment paper.  For decades of baking, I never used it.  Once I discovered its versatility as well as its work-saving qualities, I haven't been without out it.  I love parchment paper. 

Mostly, I line cake pans and cookie sheets with parchment paper.  Never do I worry that the cake won't come out of the pan or that the cookies will get stuck.  It is never an issue.

Here's what you can do with parchment paper:
  • Wrap your sandwiches with it.  Make that cool deli-type fold over the top and tuck in the bottom.  Very chic. Wrap a pickle spear to continue the deli theme.
  • Cut circles and line your round cake pans. 
  • Cut rectangles and line your cookie sheets.
  • Make a sling for your loaf pans, extending the paper a good few inches over each side.  When the loaf is cooled, it will lift right out of the loaf pan.
  • Make a collar for your souffle pan.
  • Use it as a counter protector when you're making scones or cinnamon rolls.  When you're done, gather it up by the edges and throw the mess away.
  • Roll your piecrust on it - draw the desired-sized circle on the opposite side and roll to the line.
  • Make a cone and snip the end - use it as a pastry bag.  Write a happy message on a cake.
  • Take a large rectangle.  Place a fresh fish fillet (tilapia, salmon, whatever) in the center.  Over that, load up some fresh veggies and a lemon wedge, season it up a little, and fold over, crimping edges to make a pouch.  Bake in a moderate (350 degree F) oven for elegant fish "en papillote" which is especially good because the pouch allows the fish and veggies to steam inside, keeping all the flavor in. 
  • Cut a rectangle and give your grandson some crayons and have some fun together.
  • Wrap a cookbook and add a pretty ribbon and a little wooden spoon or metal cookie cutter for a gift from your kitchen.
  • Hand-wash in hot soapy water, air dry, and use again. 
Part 2 of "my favorite things" will be posted soon.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Really? You can reuse parchment paper? I think you just saved me a bunch of $$$! Thanks!

  2. This is a great post Aunt Jeannie. I can't wait to see what your other favorites are!