Sunday, March 28, 2010

Road Trip

Every now and then I find it so rejuvenating to leave my everyday existance and take the drive east to Hatfield, Massacusetts to spend some time with my friend Jan.  That's where I am right now, sitting on her cozy couch in her beautiful condo, three floors of rustic ambiance in part of a restored barn.  I'm using her laptop to write this post.

Jan and I met almost thirteen years ago, just after I started dating her brother-in-law Russ.  She was going through her divorce and I'd been there, and we formed a fast friendship.  We didn't commiserate so much or wallow in our misfortune as enjoy each others' company.  Jan has a very positive and energetic outlook on life.  We found we think the same way about a lot of things.  She's raised two great kids.  Like me, she works in an academic setting and she is a writer.

Here for just an overnight visit, yesterday we had fun enjoying a casual lunch at Panera and then shopped at my favorite place, Trader Joe's.  I stocked up on things I can only get there.  I've written to the company and begged them to put a store in Saratoga Springs, but got a post card back from "Joe" saying that wouldn't be happening any time soon and to please visit their stores in other locations.  The challenge to that, though, is that the closest TJs to my home is in Amherst, Mass., two hours away.

Last night we ate in.  Jan made a salad and baked a Rising Moon Organics Margharita pizza.  Our "formula" is to spend a day like that and then watch a movie.  We saw "Hurt Locker" which clearly deserved all the accolades it has received.  The acting was incredible, and Kathryn Bigelow deserved Best Director at this year's Oscar Awards. It was a hard movie to watch, but one that shouldn't be missed.

I woke up this morning while Jan was out walking her pretty Golden Retriever, Leila, one of the sweetest, most gentle dogs I've ever known.  Zeke, Jan's aging and pretty white cat, provided the wake-up call.  My accomodations are in Logan's room on the top floor, and Zeke came to visit me and I let him out on the balcony just off Logan's room where he spent a few minutes investigating the goings-on outside.

When she got back,  Jan made us a breakfast smoothie with berries, bananas, a whey protein powder, and yogurt. She'll be going to the barn soon to visit her horse Desi, and I'll get in the car to head home.  I don't know when I'll be back this way again, but I hope it isn't too long, and I hope we do exactly the same thing again.  I love my friend Jan, and I love it here.

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