Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Today's post is short and sweet, much like the little fella I'm spending the day with.  I took this gorgeous spring day off from work to spend some overdue time at home.  Katie had to run errands this morning and Henry came upstairs to hang out with his Granny 'O.  We started out by making Alton Brown's sugar cookie dough.  Henry stood on the kitchen stool and helped pour in the vanilla extract.  He watched with great interest as the mixer turned the crumbly mixture into a smooth dough.  We're using it for shamrock cookies.  While that was resting in the fridge, we went outside where I took Henry  for a ride in the Radio Flyer red wagon he received on his first birthday last April.  He soon wanted to be the captain of his own ship, so he got out and started loading up the wagon with sticks, acorns, and stones. We took a long walk down the driveway (which is drying up, thank God!) to the mailbox, and Oden the Black Lab ran and played the whole way, bringing me sticks that were more like small logs.  I've never met a dog who loves to play fetch more than Oden.  He'll play until he drops.  On our walk, Henry talked and talked about trees and birds (I think - hard to tell what the conversation was really about!).   It is such a beautiful day and it was great to spend some time outside in the sunshine and fresh air. 

We came in for lunch and Katie returned home about then.  He's now off in dream land and cookies are in the oven, sprinkled with green sugar.  Henry will be the first to give one a try. 

I can't think of a better way to spend a day off.  I hope Henry remembers this day. I know I will.

Photo images: my own!


  1. Henry will remember the day because his Grandma took the time to write about it! What great pictures...when did he get his hair cut? Such a handsome little boy...

  2. Katie's been giving him trims - she just twists those curls into little sections and snips off the end, usually in the tub! He is a cutie, I say with no prejudice whatsoever!